Although well populated this site is still under development and

continually being updated and revised          


‘TURN ME ON’ “The Ultimate Love Song” from Wild Minds Poet meets 70’s rocker meets

80’s pop star!


When considering creating this web site, I was wary that the whole process seemed distinctly narcissistic, so my first question to myself was...
“Why create it, what is the purpose of this site?”
The answer was clear; it is my shop window, a platform where I can sell myself and what I can do, the talents I have and the things that I can create. To do that I have to sing my own praises and chant my skills and capabilities from the highest spire.
There are many aspects to my creativity and I have a great expanse of experience, so please try not to pigeon hole me, I can just as readily write a book as paint a picture or sculpt a garden gnome, hence I have tried to split the site into various categories, please take a wander...
(It still seems narcissistic though, so forgive me for any self indulgence)
Now to the serious work....


writer-poet-artist-sculptor-puppet maker-sfx artist-

mask maker-prop maker-director-presenter-creative!



     When accused, in an interview in 1972, of living in a     fantasy world, Marc Bolan argued that his imagination       was his reality and without imagination there would be      no reality.

 Meaning… without that which we create in our minds there are no creations.

   Here I share my reality with you, my imagination and my   history. You can walk the neural pathways to the corners of my mind; absorb my stories into your reality and be a part of  my fantasies, enter my world.

Mind your step and enjoy the stroll.














                        We’ve been to Nettle valley,
Where the flower people live.

We’ve stung our knees and elbows,
In an effort to believe.

Yet not a glance we caught today…
Maybe they’ve gone away?

But if our eyes were open…………………?